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Oh, Yeah … Well, Fugu!

This will be short and sweet. Here we have an example of just how dumb people can be. In the realm of the “Do Not Eat This” universe this is what you might call beyond the pale. Fugu is a … Continue reading

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Classic Culinary Blunders: Cooking With 7-Up

We suppose you really can’t blame a company for trying to expand its market. Resist their efforts, sure, but don’t be too hard on them. They have a tough road to hoe, though. The “Ham Basted With 7-Up” recipe begins … Continue reading

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Classic Culinary Blunders: Hamburgers-on-a-Stick

People who like hamburgers, which we unscientifically estimate at approximately 87 percent of the world, like them just the way they are. Messing with near-perfection is a precarious undertaking. Michael Jordan was not content to be the world’s greatest basketball … Continue reading

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5-Hour Energy Drink: Because Cocaine Is Illegal

The 5-Hour Energy Drink burst upon us in TV commercials like this week’s hot singer on American Idol. Suddenly there it was – the perfect, legal halfway point between coffee and cocaine. You can stay awake and alert for hours … Continue reading

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Potato Chips Make You Gain Weight … Duh!

But only when eaten in bulk … double duh! The famous Lays challenge, “I’ll bet you can’t eat just one” should have been fair warning. Potato chips must be eaten in bulk to attain the desired effect. That effect being … Continue reading

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Worst Snack in the Supermarket?

The winner: Hostess Chocolate Pudding Pie. Our choice for the worst snack hinges on the true meaning of the word “snack.” defines it as “a small portion of food or drink.” (Frankly, we would dispute the small drink as constituting … Continue reading

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Fake Meat, Real Problems

Even though meat substitutes, like veggie burgers and hot dogs, are heavily processed and thus leave a rather large carbon footprint – they seem to get a pass because, well, because they’re not that evil red meat, we suppose. Vegans … Continue reading

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