Classic Culinary Blunders: Cooking With 7-Up

Picture from Flickr Creative Commons by Daquella manera

We suppose you really can’t blame a company for trying to expand its market. Resist their efforts, sure, but don’t be too hard on them.

They have a tough road to hoe, though. The “Ham Basted With 7-Up” recipe begins with the words “Gash fat …” Mmmmm. Nothing like lemon-lime flavored ham fat.

The “7-Up Salad” combines these seemingly mutually exclusive foodstuffs – gelatin, hot apple sauce and, of course, their refreshing drink.

And for dessert, the “7-Up Cake and Icing” substitutes the fizzy drink for milk and … well, you can see the rest for yourself.

One last point … although we have not researched this completely, we feel confident that all of the above points apply to cooking with Sprite as well.


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4 Responses to Classic Culinary Blunders: Cooking With 7-Up

  1. Nayak says:

    I must admit that this is one great isgniht. It surely gives a company the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and really take part in creating something special and tailored to their needs.

  2. Nchoirnmind says:

    The above, however, does not apply to Vernors. If you’re from Michigan 😉

  3. site says:

    I Will have to return again whenever my course load lets up – however I am getting your Feed so i can go through your internet site offline. Cheers.

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