Does the World Really Need Spiked Popsicles?

Flickr photo by Will Luo

Poptails” … the spiking of popsicles with alcohol … now, to us this sounds like a felony instead of a fun summer refreshment.

It is an admittedly great bridge into the drinking world. Every kid loves a cold fruity treat on a stick. What better way to ease into adult fun? Or lure into inappropriate adult activities?

We don’t think we’re being overly suspicious here. This is how the eHow Website’s Food section explains the appeal:

Mid-day martinis may cause some heads to turn, but cocktails on a stick — aka “poptails” — are a perfectly acceptable daytime (or anytime) summer treat!

Acceptable to whom? Why, to those who know they cannot get away with their “mid-day martinis” any more.

So if the captain of your tour boat or the lifeguard on your beach is sucking on that popsicle just a little too desperately this summer, try to picture him or her sipping on that third martini instead, and take appropriate action.


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One Response to Does the World Really Need Spiked Popsicles?

  1. Su says:

    Everyone knows that when referring to something that is popsicle-like, the suffix is used (itself coming from the word icicle). So really it should be cocksicles,no? Or does that just sound like something else that’s too cold to suck on?

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