Farms Are for Pigs, Not Salmon!

From Flickr Creative Commons by Dan Hershman

Okay, to start off we feel we should admit that the very first spark of an image that flashed into our heads when we heard the term “salmon farms” was lines of workers planting salmon into the ground.

Yes, it’s a silly and childish thought, but we’re the better for getting that off our chests.

Now …

It’s a witty term for the commercial raising of fish – aquaculture!

In recent years, fish farming has dramatically increased because about half the world’s waters have been exhausted by overfishing. Consumer demand for a lean protein food has severely depleted wild fish stocks.

But it seems that, just like people, salmon need to be free.

Salmon are pigs (see the irony of our headline now?) They are voracious eaters of smaller species, it takes several pounds of wild fish, ground up into meal, to yield one pound of farmed salmon — an exchange that even further depletes the world supply of protein from the sea.

Also, plagues of destructive sea lice that thrive in densely packed salmon pens contaminate wild stocks when some of the farmed fish escape into the wild, spreading the diseases that further decimate wild stocks.

So, if you’re looking for a different kind of T-shirt message, we suggest: The “L” is Silent, But Don’t You Be – FREE THE SALMON!


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5 Responses to Farms Are for Pigs, Not Salmon!

  1. Beth says:

    eat the chickweed and dandylions and thistle out of your yards

    • Nacho says:

      MagnificentWhat a photo ctpruae!And the Eagles, Tigers of the skies, brought down to the level of vultures!Humanoids at their best……………………?

  2. GristRead1 says:

    Visit a pig farm and decide if you want to change your byline. Farms are no better for pigs than salmon…. in fact, it’s worse.

  3. Gabe says:

    missed a rbeuen sandwich, coleslaw and chocolate chip cookies. Washed down with diet coke.

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