How Do You Like Chem Apples?

That’s chem, as in chemicals, as in pesticides.

From Flickr Creative Commons By Muffet

The latest news is that apples led what The Environmental Working Group calls its “Dirty Dozen” of most pesticide-laden fruits and veggies.

For those of us who watch these sort of races as if they were the Kentucky Derby and the Daytona 500 combined, the thrill of apples overtaking celery as the fruit or vegetable most contaminated was … well, almost too exciting to bear.

Why is that?

Because celery just doesn’t get anyone’s juices flowing. It’s not really what you’d call must-have. If the forbidden food in the Garden of Eden had been celery, you just know that the whole Adam and Eve thing would have turned out for the better.

But one bad apple story spoils a whole bunch of people’s days.

When news organizations worldwide took notice, pro-apple advocacy groups faced off against the list and its supporters. Apples were everywhere in the news. Suddenly they were the Lady Gaga of the fruit universe.

Eat them? Don’t eat them?

What is an apple-lover to do? Resuming your average consumption seems the prudent approach. Most experts agree that you would have to eat more apples than almost anyone would care to in order to experience adverse health effects. (But washing your apples first is always a good idea.)


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