Sure It’s Fresh. Now Give Me All Your Money!

Photo by ntoper

As you raise your awareness about the benefits of buying fresh or organic, raise your guard, too.

An investigation in the UK found that one out of six claims of “fresh,” organic” or “handmade” were false. Our guess is that American scammers can match that figure or (our patriotic pride may be showing here) even exceed it!

Patrons who smacked their lips at the sight of “hand-made potato cakes” on the menu were actually paying premium prices for frozen hash browns. The mouth-watering  “hand-carved ham” was pre-packaged and frozen. “Fresh mozzarella” was week-old cheddar, and so on and so on.

British officials point out that supermarkets are relatively under control there, but the “food fraud” abuses occur most often in the pubs and restaurants.

So what’s a health-conscious consumer to do? Research and snitch! Check out the Internet for recommendations for your local establishments – and report suspected violations to the health department.


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