If You Knew Sushi Like We Know Sushi …

Photo by rick Flickr Creative Commons

… you would be very careful about so scarf-able a food. Yes, it’s easy (and guilt-free) to eat lots and lots of brain-building, lean-and-tasty fish. But not so fast.

Prepare to open up the guilt gates.

You need to be aware of exactly what you’re eating under the broad category of “sushi.” Many types of sushi rolls are extremely high in calories and fat since they are either fried or made with mayonnaise, or (in the ideal scenario of self-deception) both.

Just as an example, 12 pieces of Dragon Rolls can have about 500 calories and 16 grams of fat. This is equivalent to the Burger King Whopper that very few of us would try to defend as “healthy.”

Instead, you might want to order something simple like a California Roll or, whatever specific sushi you ask for, be sure to tell them to hold the mayo.


About Do Not Eat This

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