What the World Needs Now — Bacon in a Bottle?

by thinkgeek.com

In what they are proclaiming as a scientific breakthrough rivaling the unraveling of the human genome, the makers of Squeez Bacon® announce that the hot-grease-spattering, patience-testing process of actually cooking bacon is a thing of the past.

Thank goodness!

But before you thank your chosen higher power that you are alive in this golden age of food engineering, you may want to examine the product more closely.

What they describe as a “paste” that you squeeze from a ketchup-like bottle onto your burger or selected foodstuff, could just as easily be thought of as – how to put this delicately – poop-like in its consistency.

Your perceptions may vary, and perhaps your individual bacon jones can override this unfortunate resemblance. We’re just saying …


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4 Responses to What the World Needs Now — Bacon in a Bottle?

  1. Captain Guy says:

    My first thought: ew! I’m a baconoholic to be sure, but this? Even I would have to turn it down…but the perverse part of me still wants to try it. Fortunately for my arteries, and indeed, fortunate for us all, this was an April Fool’s joke put out by ThinkGeek.com; however, it’s only a matter of time before someone (probably in Texas, not Sweden) actually comes out with something like this…if they haven’t already!

  2. D’oh – thank you so much for pointing this out! It’s a great April Fool’s Day joke because, with the bacon fad as crazy as it is, I completely believable that some person would actually try to make this product. 🙂

  3. I don’t disagree with this post!

  4. Randy says:

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