Do Not [Let Your Baby] Eat This

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A recent study in The Guardian showed that 3-year-olds who consumed mostly processed foods were likely to have a lower IQ later on in childhood. If processed foods equal dumber kids, parents better start checking those labels. (Or, even better, cooking from scratch.)

Watch out for jarred baby foods and packaged toddler foods that are filled with artificial preservatives, sodium and/or added sugar.

Some examples from Gerber:

75% of Gerber’s Fruit Medley Dessert’s calories come from added sugar.

-Gerber’s SmartNourish 2nd Foods Purees – Macaroni & Cheese with Vegetables has 160 mg of sodium in one serving. For a baby (7 -12 months) , the Institute of Medicine recommends 370 mg per day of sodium as an adequate amount.

-Gerber’s Graduates for Toddlers Lil’ Entrees: Chicken Pasta Wheel Pickups has 55% of the recommended sodium for a toddler. That’s 550 mg per serving.

Read those labels because every healthy meal you serve your child just might be contributing to a higher IQ… and a higher IQ just might mean they’ll make smarter food choices in the future!


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3 Responses to Do Not [Let Your Baby] Eat This

  1. Bluestocking says:

    Even though it seems more likely that this is the result of nothing more insidious than the convenience and expediency of sacrificing nutrition (and thus children’s well-being) in order to save money, it’s stories like this which occasionally make you wonder if this might not be part of a deliberate strategy to sabotage ordinary people from birth so that they lack the intellectual capacity to think for themselves and are no longer capable of questioning the status quo.

  2. Rapel says:

    I need lots of fried rice with what you parrpeed (dried fish + tomatoes with onions). Yummy! Thanks for the visit!

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