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Say ‘I Love You’ with a Mouthful of Red Goo

In honor of Valentines Day, we present to you bleeding heart gummy candy. For a mere $30 you can buy this giant anatomically correct gummy heart filled with a liquid candy “blood” goo. When you bite in, it squirts sweet, … Continue reading

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Do Not [Let Your Baby] Eat This

A recent study in The Guardian showed that 3-year-olds who consumed mostly processed foods were likely to have a lower IQ later on in childhood. If processed foods equal dumber kids, parents better start checking those labels. (Or, even better, cooking … Continue reading

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It’s Super Bowl Ad Season!

The Super Bowl is a bingerific celebration filled with every snack food known to man so it’s no surprise that healthy eating is usually shelved until Monday. You could have tried low-fat cheese on those big-game nachos or quenched your … Continue reading

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Fast Food Burgers: Triple is the New Double

As if hamburgers weren’t unhealthy enough (“pink slime” anyone?) Burger King ‘s Triple Whopper with Cheese is THREE hamburgers in one! A sesame seed bun is stuffed with three patties, 1,230 calories, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions,  mayonnaise, pickles, 225 milligrams … Continue reading

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White Wonder Bread

It’s been said time and time again: choose whole grain over white bread. White bread, like the iconic “Wonder Bread”, is quite simply lacking the nutritional goodness of whole grain bread. Despite claims of “added fiber” and “added vitamins”, a fortified … Continue reading

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Sunny Delight

More dangerous than blatantly unhealthy drinks are those that pose as healthy but really aren’t. Sunny Delight or “Sunny D” falls under this category. Mostly water and corn syrup, Sunny D contains less than 2% juice and a whole lot … Continue reading

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