Strange Flavored Chips

Image from Flickr by scaredy_kat

Humans, it seems, have an innate need to put every flavor conceivable into a potato chip. Pictured above are three mouthwatering flavors: “Natural and Cool Cucumber”, “Thai Curry Crab” and “Finger Licking Braised Pork”.

Cucumber chips? Really?

Add these to the list of strange chip flavors that includes “Honey Baked Ham”, “Worcester Sauce”, “Roast Chicken”, “Ketchup” and my personal favorite, “Baby Back Ribs”.

Where are the good old days when chips were just seasoned with salt and not laden with artificial flavors?


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One Response to Strange Flavored Chips

  1. amanda says:

    Another xenophobia fail. Why is curry crab nasty but ranch and cheeseburger aren’t? There’s plenty to shudder at in North American food flavorings without resorting to pointing at foreign palates and giggling.

    PS. This is sketch: Pringles are less than 50% potato:

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