Beer for Kids

Image from Flickr by MShades

Everyone knows children love to imitate their parents. (That’s why dolls, toy cars and miniature kitchen sets are so popular.) A Japanese company, Sangaria, took imitation to another level by producing a fake beer for kids. The “beer” is a non-alcoholic soda meant to LOOK like beer (foam and everything). Now junior can be just like daddy (or mommy), popping open a cold one.  More of a wine or cocktail drinker? Don’t worry, your kids won’t be left out… they make fake wine, champagne and cocktails, too!


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2 Responses to Beer for Kids

  1. Onur says:

    “Hey! You have a Broken Plate!” and she pkeerd up and happily said – “Oh, is she here?! I bought this a year ago!” Hope she came to see you!

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