Pork Brains

Image from Wikimedia Commons by Dejan Cabrilo

Pork brains do not fall under the “do not eat this” category simply because they look gross or because, to many, the concept of eating brain may not be too appealing… It’s because pork brains (or, brains in general, really) simply aren’t good for you.

A 140 gram can of “pork brains in milk gravy” has 3,500 milligrams of cholesterol. To put that in perspective, a pound of bacon has around 308 milligrams  of cholesterol. We’ll leave it at that.


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2 Responses to Pork Brains

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  2. yohiheyhowudoin says:

    Specifically ‘Pork Brains in Milk Gravy’ canned by one particular company have 3500mg of cholesterol. That does NOT mean “never eat pork brains ever because they have loads of cholesterol.” That’s like saying “a deep fried chicken cheese burger with double bacon is super unhealthy, so never eat chicken because it’s got loads of fat in it”

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