Kraft Easy Cheese

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Once upon a time someone thought, “You know what takes a lot of time? Cutting up pieces of cheese.” And that was how Easy Cheese was born. This “spray cheese” is the epitome of easy… it doesn’t need to be cut, stored in a sealed container or even refrigerated!

If you’re of the school of thought that the more natural and whole your food is, the better it is for you… I’d stay far, far away from Kraft Easy Cheese.


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10 Responses to Kraft Easy Cheese

  1. test icleez says:

    omg could that mean that the person who actually “thought” up easy cheese might have graduated from the school of thought??? yeah no, that cant be possible. You are absolutely right DO NOT EAT THIS it gives you cancer and makes your brain bleed and last week my baby goat died from overdose of easy cheese.. R.I.P. cheddar 😦

  2. SUCK IT LOSER says:

    Oh this is just STUPID. By all means eat the stuff!! It tastes good and makes you feel good. These stupid idiots that want to make an issue out of everything good … IDIOTS!!!!

    • Steel says:

      Natural food tends to prevent cancer. Artificial food tends to cause cancer.
      YOU are the idiot, and your foolishness may cost you your life.

  3. Scott says:

    Why stay away from it? What is so bad about it? I find it interesting that we rail against it because it’s in a can. Okay so it has a lot of sodium – so do about 95 percent of snacks people find tasty. It doesn’t have HFCS and it doesn’t have hydrogenated oils. A true nutritionist would see this product is not that harmful.

    • Alex says:

      I agree! I’ve looked up numorous sites about Easy Cheese and they really don’t state any actual facts of WHY it is so bad for you…other than that it “comes in a can” and “not needing to be refrigerated”. Obviously everything should be handled in moderation.

  4. frank says:

    steel…you really have the nerve to say that to a person? I believe you to be the fool here, watch you end up and die of cancer anyway since you worry about it so much you pretentious prick

  5. An asshole says:

    How about a why lol. Don’t eat this could have a reason or some basis on why not to eat something.

  6. Carl says:

    Sorry, you’ll have to do better than just, “Don’t eat it because we say so.” I see nothing here addressing why we shouldn’t eat it. I’ll listen to reasoned and reasonable arguments, but absent that, you are just blowing smoke.

  7. Villagerken says:

    Hello, I am 73 no cancer and have been eating and loving easy cheese since it came out. Fabulous product except for you food snobs. Get a life, really!
    It may be the organic crap that is killing you!

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