Corn Sugar

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High-fructose corn syrup has gotten a bad reputation lately and sales are starting to reflect that. What will the high-fructose corn syrup producers do? Perhaps they can start selling organic sugar instead… Oh no, wait, they have a better solution… instead of changing the product, change the name! Producers of high-fructose corn syrup now want it to be called, “corn sugar” and, voila, that bad reputation will be left in a gooey mess on the side of the road.

Vote for “corn sugar” as the scariest food of 2010… and check out the others on the list.


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  1. siska says:

    Yacon syrup is not as sweet as cane sugar. If you’ve ever used agave natecr or maple syrup in a recipe, you can assume that you’ll have to use about double the amount of yacon syrup . . . but it really does depend on the recipe. Yacon works really well with fruits or “fruity” baked goods, in sauces, and in smoothies. It doesn’t pair very well with chocolate, from my experience. You might also want to investigate Jerusalem Artichoke Syrup — harder to find, but another low glycemic natural sweetener option.

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