Honey from maraschino cherry syrup feasting bees

Photo by Sarah Goodyear from Grist.org

Recently, The New York Times published a story about bees drinking maraschino cherry syrup from a nearby factory. This was disturbing since the bees had plenty of natural nectars around but instead chose a corn syrup concoction. (And you thought humans were the only ones!)

But how did the honey from the syrup-drinking bees taste?

Reporter Sarah Goodyear, who took part in the blind honey taste test that included honey from the maraschino cherry syrup drinking bees, said, “Then there was #4. In my notes I said it had a “slightly off taste, musty, bitter.” That was the red honey of Red Hook, from Chitalkar’s hives.” (Those were the ones drinking the syrup.)

And there is your answer. Do not eat this: Honey from sugar-high bees.


About Do Not Eat This

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