Whipped Lightening

From whippedlightening.com

Is your shot, shooter or mixed drink simply not enough? Want to add calories (We’re not sure how many because apparently this product is regulated as an alcoholic beverage, not a food, and therefore does not need to adhere to FDA labeling requirements.) AND alcohol to your… alcohol? Whipped Lightening Whipahol® combines whipped cream and alcohol in nine different decadent flavors. Perfect for sweet-tooth lushes everywhere and guaranteed to get you [sugar?] buzzing…


About Do Not Eat This

A side project by Grist.org
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2 Responses to Whipped Lightening

  1. M says:

    Ya this is effing horrible. This is like the ditzy dangerous meth-head cousin of 4loco. Damn.

  2. EdogW says:

    lol whipahol? i always wanted to get drunk while eating pumpkin pie

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