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Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict already tops the bad-for-you breakfast food charts, but replace savory with sweet and you’ve got one calorie-laden dish. This take on Eggs Benedict (from Serious Eats) uses sliced donuts as the “English Muffins”, brownies as the “ham” and … Continue reading

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Whipped Lightening

From Is your shot, shooter or mixed drink simply not enough? Want to add calories (We’re not sure how many because apparently this product is regulated as an alcoholic beverage, not a food, and therefore does not need to … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

Didn’t get enough Thanksgiving flavors last week? This “Thanksgiving Turkey Cake” is everything Thanksgiving rolled into one (admittedly good looking) cake! Turkey slices, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberries are layered on and then the cake is finished off … Continue reading

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Oscar Mayer Cheese Dogs

Mmmm… mechanically separated turkey, pork AND chicken. But here’s the best part, these hot dogs are stuffed with a pasteurized cheese “product”. Mechanically separated meat stuffed with “cheese” might not be what your arteries want this Thanksgiving week. Instead, check out … Continue reading

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Lunchables Ultimate Nachos Lunch Combinations

Lunchables might seem the perfect answer to the age old question many parents ask, “How do I get my child to eat and enjoy lunch at school with minimal effort by me?” Sorry, but it’s too good to be true, … Continue reading

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Unicorn, the other white (and rainbow-colored) meat

Ever wondered what the flesh of a mythical beast might taske like?  Well now you can find out! Thanks to the folks at you can finally get 100% of your recommended daily value of sparkles, rainbows, and magic.  Here’s … Continue reading

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37 ingredients including high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated vegetable and/or animal shortening, sugar and cellulose gum  combine together to make this artificially yellow treat. Even if a Kansas State nutrition professor DID loose weight eating them, we don’t recommend … Continue reading

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