McDonald’s McRib

The infamous McRib was taken off the market for sixteen long years but McDonald’s is finally bringing it back for human consumption. The McRib locator provides a service for those looking to track it down; but what’s really in it?


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6 Responses to McDonald’s McRib

  1. KARCHEDON says:

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    Hello from Spain.

    I like your blog, and it is gratifying to know that not all Americans are a fan of junk food.

    In Spain, began selling the McRib about 5 years ago but was withdrawn shortly afterwards.

    A data. In Spain we are seeing a drop in sales of these establishments, people prefer a natural bread toasted sandwich with ham and tomato rubbed on bread, completely delicious!.

    PS: It would be interesting to write another blog that was the opposite of this, a “Please eat this.”

  2. KARCHEDON says:

    I forgot, the Iberian ham sandwich I mentioned above, is called in Spain “Catalana”. Its name is derived from a native of the province of Cataluña.

    • Linda says:

      Presently what did you say? I cosridened necessary! Maybe to facilitate bidding transpire my inspiration on behalf of the week, keep it emergence!

  3. McRib a McFailure!!! Yes, sorry to say, I was one of those who actually giggled at the news the McRib was back! Packed up the kids, hoofed it to the nearest McDonalds and bit into a BBQ sponge! I remember having this years ago and enjoyed it tremendously! It was bigger, actually looked like a slab of ribs, darker tangier BBQ sauce but what we had was extremely disappointing. I can’t be the only one that feels this way! Shame on you McDonald’s for getting our hopes up, spending gobs of cash to advertise this low grade slab of spam, only to produce a product not worthy of your brand name. You may have pulled the wool over the eyes of the newbies out there but true aficionados of the McRib from days gone by are not falling for it!

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