Popular in the Philippines, Balut is a fertilized baby duck fetus that is boiled and then eaten in the shell. Some say gross, others say delicious.


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12 Responses to Balut

  1. Salone says:

    My stomach just did a I watch the guy who eats weird stuff all the time, but that was the worst food I ever saw. Nice post it’s good to see what others are eating around the world. Have to add your blog to my blogroll

    • Khammanh says:

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  2. EdogW says:

    Believe me, there’s plenty more where this nightmare came from! Hold your stomach folks…

  3. 1sexy4snake says:

    totally gross. I wouldn’t eat that even if i was starving. I would rather eat bugs. But I’m not starving and I epect to never be. So I guess lets just keep that stuff out there.

  4. Ann says:

    When seeing the photo, my my first reaction was to scrunch up my face and say ‘What the F**K is that? So… I won’t be eating this!

  5. Ardith says:

    The first time I had balut, I was probably about 5. And I thought it was delicious. Hooray for Filipino heritage. (:

  6. Something like this was on a Survivor episode. I might eat it, just to try it.

  7. 52am says:

    Before I don’t eat balut, strange for a Filipino not to. When I tried it, i don’t eat the chick but only the yellow or what’s left of the yolk and the gummy hard white part or the albumin. Don’t even sip the juice… I let my friends eat the chick and the rest mine. I prefer to eat the “penoy”, yummy.

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