Cheetos lip aBALMination

Cheetos’ Cheese Flavored Lip Balm

Don’t you hate it when you polish off a bag of Cheetos and after an hour of sucking your cheese-dusted finger-pops, you still need that cheesy fix? You don’t want the additional calories you say? Well, fear not snack food enthusiasts, because that clever cheddar cheetah has a solution with no consequences for your waistline. Start licking your lips now, because this lip balm is the cheeseaholic’s white…um…orange knight, and he doth not ride alone! We bet you can’t wait to spend seven minutes in heaven with Chester and these other food- inspired lip aBALMinations. Is that Cooler Ranch I taste?


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2 Responses to Cheetos lip aBALMination

  1. saramosier says:

    I totally blogrolled you, btw

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