Eggo’s Fruity Breakfast PIZZA!

We thank Eggo for boldly proving why a frozen waffle company should never venture into the pizza industry… it’s not delivery, its Eggo’s cheesy strawberry breakfast pizza! Finally, pizza enthusiasts can get their fix at breakfast and can replace that delicious cold pizza that’s been sitting in the fridge since yesterday, or was it last week? Regardless, watch the kids around this one, this pizza has a secret topping called Red 40 which causes hyperactivity in children. Get the Ritalin ready, unless you live in Europe where the FSA asked for the voluntary removal of Red 40 (among others) from all their food. Now if they could work on removing the stuff Kellogg’s has been packaging their “food” in, we’d maybe consider eating this pizza… mmmm, not really. Check out this latest Kellogg’s recall.


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2 Responses to Eggo’s Fruity Breakfast PIZZA!

  1. Vasare says:

    wow that’s would be greedy but I would like to eat it 😀

  2. carolyn evens says:

    have they gotten rid of this bc i havent seen it anywhere??

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